“Safe” becomes the quality DNA element of JAC from the idea of Safe+ to J-Health

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29 April 2021
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Article posted date: April 17, 2020

As a vehicle enterprise with the completely independent positive R&D system, JAC motors has started the research and development of vehicle safety technology several years ago. Through the continuous accumulation of R&D, it has formed technology strength of multi-dimensional safe guarantee involved of basic safety, passive safety, active safety, healthy safety.

In 2018, JAC Motors took the lead in including vehicle safety in the brand management within the industry, launched the vehicle safe technology brand “Safety+” whose core concepts are emergency safety, intelligence safety and construction safety, which has been applied to many mass production models.

As one of these concepts, the core of emergency safety focuses on the response to sudden accident of flat tire and TPMS tire pressure monitoring; the construction safety focuses on multifaceted safety requirement of high strength steel and cage body structure; while intelligence safety realizes body assistance control in all special circumstances by the application of highly intelligent electronic system, such as the leading practical technology like AEB automatic emergency braking and LDWS lane departure alarming.

Enrich the meaning of “Safety+” continuously and elevate “Safety” to a higher strategic position. By the end of 2019, JAC Motors totally has 14456 authorized patents, among which the percentage of the patents involved with vehicle safety is as high as 30%, and they build core strength in various key fields.

Protect health by technology
J-Health system creates movable “safety cabin”

The sense of safety takes internal and external matter into account, reflecting more than one side. As early as in 2016, JAC Motors conducted the research of pollution inside the vehicle in alliance with well-known universities, and launched “the management regulations of air quality inside the vehicle” officially in 2011, including the quality control of air inside the vehicle into vehicle development process.

JAC Motors built J-Health technology sub-brand, carried out the work around people and vehicle from four key technologies of VOC upgrading compliance, surface environment compliance, highly efficient purification and fatigue monitoring, and constructed JAC health driving system; meanwhile it trained the team of “gold nose” to evaluate the vehicle smell.

JAC Motors upgraded “Safety+” vehicle safety system again, started the new research of disinfection and sterilization inside the vehicle, added “healthy safety”, provided four-dimensional safety guarantee, built the stereo and safe mobile travel space, and balanced driver safety and passenger safety.

At present, JAC Motors has built J-Health intelligent health and safety system from four aspects of “air quality inside vehicle‘’, “surface environment inside vehicle”, “environment monitoring and guarantee inside vehicle” and “driver health care’ to provide customers with healthy and safe driving environment.

Safety is the premise of quality. JAC Motors demonstrates corporate social responsibility by practical actions, devotes to product innovation by the R&D strength. JAC will never forget the original intention, pursue unremittingly and live up to the support and trust of thousands of users!


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